The concept of research is as old as science. Research and development has been the beginning for most developments that we see and use today, in all domains. The innovations that result in new products and new processes usually have their roots in research and have followed a path from laboratory idea, through pilot or prototype production and manufacturing start-up, to full-scale production and market introduction.

The foundation of any innovation is an invention. Indeed, an innovation might be defined as the application of an invention to a significant market need. Inventions come from research, which are careful, focused, sustained, frequently tested and tried and of course with errors, initially.

We, at GESCO NATURALS DIVISION, understand the importance and value of research and development (R&D).

R&D for us, has a profound impact on every aspect of our lives, affecting the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink; the ailments we suffer; the way we communicate; and the manner in which we traverse our cities, our planet, and beyond.

This investment in our future also has a major effect on us as a company, because our entire business in this division is deeply rooted in our ongoing R&D activities and its continuing output.

The division’s R&D function comprises an expert team for research personnel and certain affiliates associated with us outside of our organisation.

A very small team was set up initially, to work in close collaboration with various stakeholders across different specialties in healthcare, to arrive at where we are today. We work beyond the traditional and established markets of healthcare systems in search of innovative and first time concepts, products, applications and technology on which our future business opportunities are based.

Typically, we work on developments that are expected to be introduced into the healthcare domain, for better treatment options and lead them until or before our full fledged commercialization.

Currently our horizon covers some very new and significant product applications which are being developed, those which can be anticipated, for an early commercial launch.

Our R&D activities lead the introduction of the next phase of the emergence of a complete and innovative treatment protocol for Infection Prevention & Control.

As our pressure increases to meet new business milestones and targets, we are getting prepared for our new product solutions that can bring in additional revenue streams.

Our very efficient R&D department has been a major source of this new division and its growth. It also involves and help the company and the division, to deliver innovative products and new technologies and support, operational improvements that increase productivity, with no or less infections.

The first thing we recognize, is that our R&D should serve many purposes and if well managed can provide sustained growth and create the market differentiation, that we expect.

Our research carries our findings of basic research to a point where they can be exploited to meet a specific need, while the development stage of research and development includes the steps necessary to bring a new or modified product or process into production.

For example, Our new product applications in INFECTION PREVENTION & CONTROL, that are currently under our research and development are for use in:
Personal care
Veterinary care
Dental care
Public health
Food care
And many more ..