GESCO Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., formerly known as General surgical Company (India) Pvtl.Ltd., was established in the year 1962.
We are an internationally acclaimed manufacturer of surgical instruments and also a major supplier across the globe. Our boundaries have expanded to include implants during the last 2 decades and GESCO has become a market leader in the manufacture of spinal implants.

Backed with our vast experience in the medical field and constant interaction with surgeons, the company’s primary objective is to provide service to enhance the quality of treatment given to patients.

GESCO gives utmost priority to serving the best quality products considering the serious applications the products serve. In a span of 50+ years of manufacturing and exporting implants and various other surgical instruments and equipment, we have gained the trust of clients across India and globally across many countries.
The company has been identified with the best of the medical and standard certifications like US-based FDA, German and Swiss certifications, the CE certification, dual ISO certification, and others over the years.

We bring together traditional manufacturing methods blended with innovative technology that clients expect from a market leader in surgical instrument supplies, enabling us to provide a flexible service tailored to meet the various demanding needs of modern operating rooms and surgical departments.

Gesco Natural Remedies Division, is a part of the company formed with an idea to provide New and Innovative Products and Solutions, due to our awareness of the benefits of natural medicine and their resourcefulness.

This plan to bring in our experience and resources into the treatment of many ailments and conditions currently prevalent along with our unequaled Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Training, Research & Clinical support to Doctors, Hospitals, Facilities, Institutions, Clinicians, Patients, Individuals and Business Partners on a Local, Regional, National and International level.

We work and strive to ensure that all the Products and Solutions that are marketed by us are the sole results of a Technologically Advanced Process culmination.



The vision of Gesco's Natural Remedies Division, is to be the world's most dynamic and innovative company, creating sustainable and conceptual products and solutions, that are essential to a better, safer and healthier life for people everywhere.

Gesco Natural Remedies Business vision will be based on Products and Solutions which would be new & innovative, being the outcome of our research and development team, in par with or exceeding any International Product or Brand.

We will accomplish the launch of all our existing concepts and products, one by one, which are under development, tests and trials, those which have been in our plan to introduce for specific applications and Markets, with collaborative partnership efforts with concerned experts both from the academic and technical domains.

We feel proud to even say that a few of these products would be the first of their kind in the Global Healthcare arena.

We would have a very significant participation in developing Products and Solutions from their conceptual stage to completion, and launch as innovative and superior versions.


Our Primary objective is to develop and market Products, through our intensive research programs for varied diseases, ailments, complications and conditions required by customers in different market segments such as Doctors, Hospitals, Facilities, Institutions, Clinicians, Patients, Individuals or anyone requiring Health and Personal care solutions.

Our Business objective and plan, calls for the establishment of Marketing and Sales support at all levels based on the Product offering available with us at any given time.

We will develop & launch new Natural & Organic products each and every year.


We will differentiate ourselves by adding value through our Innovative concepts, R & D, Product Divisions and Programs, Marketing Strategies, Business Partnerships and Supply chain cum Distribution Channels.

We dedicate our Company, Team, and Products to Customer value maximization.

We propose to effectively manage our Marketing plans by introducing newer and extraordinary methods and skills in Strategic marketing coupled with keen business acumen.

We plan to develop and have the best Business Partnership Network and Team to effectively manage all our different and varied Market and Product segments. We would implement an improved and more efficient means of approach in our Brand Development policies related to all our Products and Divisions.




Our Mission is to provide 100% Natural & Organic Products and Solutions required to help, assist and manage the growing needs of various Doctors, Hospitals, Patients and Individuals.

We take pride in helping to alleviate patient suffering associated with various diseases, ailments, complications and conditions.


We are not here to be among the existing. We are here to lead, to be the best, nothing less.