For nCoV 19 virus

  • Continuous use of Zitritide by fogging and use at pre-determined intervals initially, would radically reduce the concentration of the virus in any area and thus reduce the threat of spreading and save lives.
  • Use of Zitritide is specially, for all Healthcare facilities, including ICU, fever wards, patient rooms, hospital labs, isolation/ quarantine areas, and all other areas or rooms where there are positive patients, patients under observation, doctors, nurses and other medical and non-medical staff, who are more susceptible to infection, with or without all the precautions and PPE.
  • Containment / Prevention /eliminating are the keys words to controlling bacteria, viruses and other pathogens before they spread, which is crucial in any health care facility in order to prevent infection, which could lead to such situations as we see and experience today.
  • The only alternative to dangerous and hazardous chemical disinfectants, that cannot be used in the presence of people.
  • There is no need to shift or move anything or anyone at the time of spraying, fogging or fumigating and the area can be utilized simultaneously during disinfection.
  • Zitritide is unique in its application or use, which is a culmination of unlimited benefits that act as the one and only safest method/protocol to Control or Prevent any or all types of Infections.


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