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GESCO Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., formerly known as General surgical Company (India) Pvtl.Ltd., was established in the year 1962.

At Natural remedies division we're focused on providing healthcare solutions and products that are not only safe but also needed with the depletion of health from Infection and germs. We provide natural remedies that are disinfectants and are also great anti-microbial fighting agents that work on creating a better healthcare for everyone.

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What is ZITRI ?

ZITRI range of products are ANTIMICROBIAL, which helps to cleanse, wash, rinse, irrigate or decontaminate anything anywhere, to accomplish the goal of a proper micro organism free environment in a biocompatible, safe, effective and a natural way.

The ZITRI range of ANTIMICROBIAL products are designed and formulated not just to cleanse, but also to prepare an ideal and optimal environment for healing. It thus helps and aids in controlling or preventing infections, and enhance patient outcomes. Surely cleansing, washing, rinsing, irrigating or even decontaminating is indispensible in for a proper infection prevention or control or management.

ZITRI range of ANTIMICROBIAL products are developed for various applications, and is the single most ideal formulation product, that can efficiently remove all micro organisms.


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